Solutions for
Wine and Spirit Producers

Authena is creating a world where every wine producer can have peace of mind in the wine-making process, knowing their brand is protected, with full transparency, powered by the Authena’s NFC encrypted tamper-proof blockchain solution.

Wine lovers can finally identify instantaneously wine’s authenticity with a tap of their smartphone, using our free consumer app or a direct NFC connection – no QR code or photo required.

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The benefits:

  • Know your customers
  • Direct Engagement
  • Direct Sales
  • No Counterfeiting
Multiply Your Profits
All Round- Protection
Earlier Cash Flow
Smart Traceability

How does it work

Digital Passport

Tag your premium product with a unique tamper-proof ID that tracks the entire product journey and protect against fraudulent refilling.

Counterfeit Protection

Provide customers with product assurance via secure physical-digital seals and tamper-proof technology.

Track & Trace

Follow each product, and enable customers and third parties to read the product history at any time.

Consumer Engagement & Data

Transform each product into a marketing channel: uncover precise unprecedented end-users behaviour and reach the next level of consumer engagement.

Wine & Spirit Tokenization

Create new decentralized and secure digital marketplace for fine wine futures. Turn physical assets such as fine wines and whiskeys into tradeable digital assets.

Consumer App

Free mobile app for consumers to check the history and authenticity of the product, and to get rewarded by interacting with wine & spirits brands.

Producer dashboard

Real time precise consumer analytics and powerful marketing tool to revolutionise wine lovers experience and engagement.

Customers want to know

the story behind the wine

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